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Personalized Marketing



We curate marketing solutions for brands based on their consumer targeting and demographic requirements. We primarily focus on homeowners with prime and mid-prime credit, across high intent verticals including auto, insurance, mortgage, healthcare, home and financial services. We effectively communicate brand value to consumers by sending the right message to the right user at the right time. We drive incremental customers for brands.

Messaging Data



Rooftop's proprietary Consumer Messaging Platform combines 220 million unique consumer records with 1.4 billion data identities. Leveraging millions of consumer interactions, our AI engine deploys personalized campaigns to specific consumers who are in-market with high intent to purchase. This enables us to deliver best-in-class quality customers to our brands and exceed marketing results.

Data-Driven Messaging Platform

Scalable data-driven messaging platform helps consumers navigate and make informed buying decisions, while propelling targeted customer acquisitions for brands.


We connect people to brands

Rooftop is a leading provider of technology enabled, data-driven performance solutions connecting consumers to brand partners.

We don't guess - through our identity and intent data, we ensure high-quality targeted audience to deploy effective campaigns and maximize partners' ROI.


Consumer Benefits

Rooftop delivers personalized, timely marketing messages to consumers and provides them with highly relevant products and services. We provide multiple promotional deals to consumers, enabling them to compare and save at ease.